1300 Southern Boulevard
Phone: (646) 299-6507


El Maestro is a cultural and educational oasis in the heart of the South Bronx named in honor Puerto Rican Patriot, Don Pedro Albizu Campos (aka “El Maestro”), where all aspects of Puerto Rican culture, history and identity are nurtured, developed and made available to the community of New York City. We focus on grassroots comunity activism as a means of strengthening our community. 

The mission of El Maestro is to preserve the identity, history and cultural legacies of the Puerto Rican Community for the benefit of our future generations and to the benefit of society and the world. Since its foundation, the center has been developing a series of events and activities, which focus on traditional and contemporary Puerto Rican cultural expressions such as music, dance and literature. 

For Puerto Ricans, whose immigrant and settlement experience has been one of displacement rather than assimilation, the creation of community rooted institutions like the Cultural & Educational Center,El Maestro , has enabled some level of control over our immediate environment and, in the process, make it possible for us to rediscover and reconnect with our identity, our history and cultural heritage. Institutions like El Maestro help stabilize and revitalize our communities. 

El Maestro is a community endeavor to transform a social void into a valuable community space. Because El Maestro functions as a social and cultural center for the entire community, it is a safe environment where the whole family can safely socialize and participate in our ongoing programs and activities, while reinforcing the most valuable ties, which unite them. It is a haven for citizens of all ages, and an effective alternative to the streets.